How popular is D&D these days?
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Post Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 12:04 pm 

Actually, just based on inflation, that $15 product in 2005 would have cost only $8.45 in 1985... probably even less, as the cost of paper and printing has increased even mroe than the rate of inflation. Definitely affordable at the time, if you were buying AD&D books and modules...

As for the $15 version, it is the new "Super Deluxx" edition; the one pictured in the link in the standard 3rd Edition. Here's the Super Deluxx Edition:

Hardcover, with new color illustrations from John Kovalic...


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Post Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 5:25 pm 

Deadlord39 wrote:I didn't see any personal attacks.
Mark, your tabletop/computer RPG idea has already been done. Neverwinter Nights.

   The system has to be so clean and personal that the experience matches tabletop gaming.

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Post Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 10:36 pm 

guerret wrote:A bit off topic, over this issue I wonder about a fact. One of the authors of the 3rd Edition is Jonathan Tweet. But, how much really did he contribute? What seems strange to me is the fact that he is the creator of one of the best game systems ever made (Ars Magica), how could he also be the creator on one of the worst? If anyone has info about the matter, I'd really appreciate solving this dramatic question of mine...

Well, last I heard Tweet hasn't done damn near anything since 3e publishing wise (personal life aside, I don't stalk him  :P ).

Both Ars Magica and 3E are popular games, with good sales...with 3E being much more succesful sales & marketing wise.  Sounds like he's twice successful, but not doing much (that I know) with it.

And 3e "teh sucketh" is a personal opinion not backed by money, wich is all that matters in business.  :P

There are no bad editions of D&D, just Boring Players and Unimaginative DMs.


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Post Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 12:28 pm 

Long ago I blended everything I liked from OD&D-Mentzer into a home brew that seemed to satisfy everyone I gamed with, well, almost everyone.

As Mishler already drilled the bigger perspective, I'll stick to my own neck of the woods.

The game all but died for my age group in my area (MS, AL & GA) around '93 but had gone strong until that time. Younger kids got into and still play the later editions to this day but there was severe dropoff a couple years ago.

Strangely, in the last year I've seen pickup for the older systems especially and interest in the game, overall. When asked, the younger guys always say something like, "well, the video games are cool, so I thought I'd try things the old school way." Of course, they love it. The face-to-face fun and fellowship is what it's always been about for me, anyway but whatever gets 'em interested and keeps 'em playing.

So, in short--right now--in my area, things are looking up...but in a retro way. All the better to me. :D

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