Dungeon Geomorph history - Gygax speaks.
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Post Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2006 12:14 pm 

I emailed this to Gary yesterday:

Paul Stormberg mentioned in an overview of the  "Dungeon Geomorphs" sets : "These are classic Gygax ones: secret temples, lost demon gods, weird magic items, never again reproduced monsters, NPC's, etc.  In my opinion, one of the great unnoticed treasures of Greyhawk knowledge.  I would not be surprised if the Dungeon Geomorphs sample entries came from Castle Greyhawk itself!"

Is that true?  Did you "cut and paste" things in to the Dungeon Geomorphs examples straight out of your ongoing Greyhawk campaign?

and today, his reply:

Greetings Bill,

Fast answer: No way those were from my castle dungeons. I sat down and drew up the lavel material, then wrote the encounter information, all off the top of my head;)

I shall send this along to the powers what be here at the Acaeum posthaste.


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Post Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2006 12:21 pm 

(marketing exercise?)


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Post Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2006 12:52 pm 

faro wrote:(marketing exercise?)

Say what?


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Post Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2006 2:19 pm 

Gygax responded similarly over in Enworld when asked about this by Grodog:

Originally Posted by grodog
Gary, another question from TSR's early days for you.

In the original, separate editions of the Dungeon Geomorphs and the Outdoor Geomorphs--Walled City, you provided some wonderful examples of dungeon- and city-based encounters (tricks, traps, monsters, city businesses and NPCs, etc.). These were all later dropped from the collected edition of the Dungeon Geomorphs (product 9048, with the red kid-in-the-candystore cover illustration as he populates his dungeon), and the Outdoor Geomorphs were never collected/reprinted (possibly because of low sales/interest?).

Was the material you included in the original geomorphs all drawn from the Greyhawk campaign? The Walled City mentions the Lake of Unknown Depths, so that seems a sure fit, but what about the dungeon geomorph encounters? Also, do you know why your original material from the separate geomorph sets was not included with the reprint?

Thanks again, as always  

When it was apparent to me that the players would appreciate some assistance in design, the geomorphs, I simply sat down and drew (and wrote) up the material. I used some familiar names, but none of the material I did was taken from anything other than my imagination at the time.

The decision to include what was in the reprint was not in my perview, so I can't say why Brian or Kevin did as they did. As I recall, I wasn't receiving any royalties for the geomorphs, so I don't remember sales figures, but at least initially all the sets did quite well. shops wanted higher price points and fewer SKUs, though. and thus the form of the reprinted material.


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