forgery indicators?
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Post Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2006 4:34 pm 

mr-monte-hall wrote:
I suppose an easier scam is to just do what cougarrinard did, which was to buy all of my modules and then lie about the condition when he resold them.

Funny!  This happened to the first ever sale I had online way back when.  Guy who bought my totally pencil marked up copy of R1,  put it back up for sale as "near mint" (must have had a really good eraser for all those pencil marks).

Mike B.


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Post Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2006 4:36 pm 

killjoy32 wrote:
mr-monte-hall wrote:well, i guess i only have my own experiences to rely on. but in my case he won an auction from me (wrath of the immortals) and in our deal he'd asked if i had any other d&d stuff for sale. i said i did and detailed all flaws with what i had. about half of it was in fine shape, the other half had various defects ranging from writing and/or highlighting, to missing pages, to missing components, tears, and what have you. all books, regardless of condition were then listed in his auctions as VGC+ condition. if I had won an auction for one of the modules i sold him and didn't know about the defects and had to deal with his horrible return policy (pay all shipping both ways and ebay/paypal fees), i would be pretty ticked. plus he harrassed me to use m-bags which didn't make me comfortable since i didn't list that as a shipping option, it is not trackable, and he had already left negative feedback for at least one person after not receiving m-bags.

you sure they were exactly the same items? m-bags take like 8 weeks to get here normally and in that time, he would have prb amassed a huge amount of stuff and many multiples of what you had sold too. like i said, i am not defending, just offering a fair ground.

my refund wasnt a problem at all, but hey :)

i'm pretty sure. all of the items i sold him were listed on the same day. about three weeks after i mailed them (the m-bags only took three weeks to arrive).


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Post Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2006 5:04 pm 

Plaag wrote:
MShipley88 wrote:And I have a copy of a Judges Guild module...Book of Treasure Paul Jaquays...that is hacked off at a bizarre angle so that the top of the module is a centimeter or so shorter than the bottom. Only Judges Guild could have shipped a downer cow like that one.


I have the same, takes half the 's' of maps off then goes and ends with a little more cover then normal (you can see where the cover should have been cut)


yeah i have some of them, erm quite a few actually and most of them are actually like that, so must have been a really bad print run that day :D


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Post Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2006 6:07 pm 

I just received a ebay lot and went through it to check it was all there.

Well, turns out there are three copies of B2 included; two of which go with Basic Set 1 boxes - all showing normal use wear. Then I have this extra copy of B2 in mint condition. It has 1st Printing guts but later printing cover. The giveaway was that the guts are about 1cm larger than the cover. It also has stacked product/ISBN on back cover. I have not checked to see what printing that is.

Anyway, it is a Frankenstien. The other two B2s are later prints inside and out. So, basically, shit happens. Neither cover corresponds to a first printing, though.

And I could've bought these damn modules off the 1$ rack!!!

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