Collecting official PDF's (mainly RPGA stuff)
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Post Posted: Thu Jul 10, 2003 2:01 am 

Just because I'm an anal completist, I also try to download or otherwise snag pdf's of the officially sanctioned things.  They are electronic, so its not like they are "rare," but I actually have trouble finding alot of these things.  For instance, I've got a TON of Living City and Living Greyhawk modules that were released over the past few years in pdf, but its taken me ages to find them.

Anybody know a good place to find them?  I've often thought about asking RPGA HQs if they wouldn't mind me just grabbing everything I could get my claws on, but since alot of them are still used for tourney play, they probably wouldn't think it is kosher.

Alternately, if somebody here has a ton (or wants some of mine), we'll have to get in touch and start trading.  I've also been thinking about trying to get a list together of all the official modules and things released through the RPGA electronically.


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Post Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2003 3:10 pm 

There are ways to get them... along with the 'illegal' kind on IRC and Kazaa.

Not that I endorse the illegal kind, in fact, it ticks me off, however, like you I like to capture the 'legal' releases and to my knowledge it's not illegal to own these even if they were initially put out on a private list.

(I'm NOT talking about scans of books or the pdfs that people sell online.. I'm talking about the 'web enhanced' products that WoTC puts out under the RPGA umbrella).

Anyway, I have a theory that you can find anything on IRC if you know where to look.  Kazaa should work too.

I won't put IRC info here but you can email me if you want help or hints about where to go.  (although it's the dark-soft-white underbelly of the internet so you need to tread carefully)


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