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Poll: Your opinion of 3rd Eechdition

3E is good. 48%       48%  [ 20 ]
3E is decent, about as good as 1E. 2%       2%  [ 1 ]
3E bites, down with WotC. 50%       50%  [ 21 ]
Total votes : 42


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Post Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2005 4:46 am 

deimos3428 wrote:True, people prefer what they have grown up with, for the most part. The folks that astonish me are the ones that grew up with 1E, and still choose to play 3E.  8O (Or vice versa, I suppose).

Everyone's different.

a)My wife started in 1980, but doesn't remember the rules (whether is was AD&D or Holmes).  Loved D&D.  Played during 2E, and loves the stuff in 3E.  But here's the kicker...she HATES rules.  Her attitude is "let me roll the dice and roleplay".  I normally have to reminder her of things she can do.  He's doesn't care what the game system is, as long as she's having fun and living an adventurer's life.

b)My first gaming group.  The head DM started in the late seventies, played through 1E, went to 2E (still holding 1e things over) and now is a die hard 3.5 player.  He complains about rules, and can be a ruleslaywer with the best, but has just kinda rolled along through the years.

Are they any less than anyone else?  Nope.  They're just different temperments.   For some, what was good before is still good today.  Some people are always looking over the horizon at new options.  And some are just along for the ride. :)

There are no bad editions of D&D, just Boring Players and Unimaginative DMs.


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Post Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2005 8:48 am 

MrFilthyIke wrote:I'm not even voting on this one, I've learned my lesson about trying to debate this beaten-to-death-horse. All I ask out of life is: "If you don't like 3E, or 2E, or whatever-E that is cool. Just don't sermonize to me about your stance. And don't bash any edition. It's a feckin' GAME folks. Try to smile every now and then."

Well said Sean :D

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Post Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2005 10:26 am 

grodog wrote:
Well said Sean :D


heres the normal person:

1e      :D

2e       :)

2.5e     :roll:

3e        :?

3.5e      :cry:

:D :D :D (j/k) :)


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Post Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2005 11:46 am 

killjoy32 wrote:
grodog wrote:
Well said Sean :D


heres the normal person:

1e   :D

2e    :)

2.5e   :roll:

3e    :?

3.5e   :cry:

:D :D :D (j/k) :)

You forgot OD&D  8)



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Post Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2005 7:34 pm 

I'm devoted to 1E, but 3E has a certain appeal, mainly the supplementary material.  I rather enjoy "Manual of the Planes" and "Eberron".  I also really enjoy the artwork.

As far as playability goes, 3E is needlessly complex (I do enough statistics at work, thank you).

I bought the 3.5 PH and got bored reading it.  -- Bored --  That's sad.  

I can still read Blackmoor or the 1E MM and relive a sense of wonder.  The fact that the 3.5 PH was boring is very telling and disappointing.

I'm 41-years-old, with a family and a fun career, and it's doubtful I'll get a chance to play D&D in the forseeable future.

So, for me "3E is Good" when seen from the perspective of someone who appreciates the creativity.

Do I make sense here?

"Not all those who wander are lost." ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

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