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Post Posted: Fri Dec 16, 2005 1:35 pm 

beyondthebreach wrote:Our postal system is much like out tax system - a miasma of confusion and obscurity. I like to think that I have successfully navigated it's waters by this point. There are so many options - Priority, Flat rate boxes, flat rate envelopes, Express, Global Express, Global Priority (Variable and flat rate - small and large envelope), Parcel, Media Mail, International Air Parcel & Economy Parcel (can be insured - long customs form), International Letter Post & Economy letter Post (can't be insured, let than 4 lbs, less than 36" H/D/W short customs form), delivery confirmation, signature confirmation, insurance, certified, registered, return receipt, M-Bag (Air & Economy).

If you do your homework, you can find obscure ones that hardly anyone knows about - like Bound Printed Matter. This is, essentially, Media mail with a variable rate based on zip code. No one even knows about it, but Media is so cheap that it really doen't pay to even investigate it's rate chart.

Hey, don't forget rates go up in January...people forget when the UPS look innocent and raise the 1st class stamp price by a couple of cents, they jack up the priority and global priority rates alsoby 50 cents or so. I'm having to go through my Ebay store and raise the prices for shipping on everything so I don't get kicked in the nuts after January 6th.... :evil:

Mike B.

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