Does size matter? Or are you about quality?
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Post Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2005 8:11 pm 

beyondthebreach wrote:
bclarkie wrote:Well, I am unfortunately about both. 8O My goal is to get at least one of everything and dups of all common modules, 1 Near Mint in shrink and 1 Near Mint opened. Then there is all the non-TSR stuff that I have now started to collect too.... :oops:

Don't you also need a third "reference" copy that is complete, but may have average to heavy wear? That way you wouldn't risk damaging the NM copy when you wanted to reread a module or look up some tidbit that's on your mind . . . :D

Please dont encourage me. :)  I barely have enough room for the stuff that I already have and the GF is already going to kill me. :oops:

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