1st Woodgrain Auction
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Post Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2005 6:51 pm 

There are so many collectors who have melted into the woodwork over the years that I noticed since I started this shit up myself in 1998. They come along. Pop their wads on 2 or 3 massively rare items and then disappear. Frequently, I never see their stuff come up for auction again.

That sort of database would be too difficult to compile and not possibly complete enough for any real value to match the effort.

It is a good idea to keep something of a safety mechanism on your collection such as lock box or location other than your home. I have one box alone with some 50 items with a value easily exceeding 10k (thank god it didn't cost me that much when i bought them)....and it aint staying with me in my home.  :wink:

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Post Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2005 7:12 pm 

Exactly.  I've got multiples of several of the rares and I wouldn't want them go up in smoke or get flooded or accidently colored in by the kids.  It seems to me that once you have a certain dollar value (and it's different for everybody) you just can't afford to sit and hope nothing happens.  And then there's the responsibility of being a good custodian.  The things I've gotten from other collectors have been cared for well, but there are no guarantees that collections are safe.  Like everything else, it's a leap of faith.  Even a bank is not a 100% safeguard, but it's better than my garage.

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