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Post Posted: Sun May 11, 2003 10:20 pm 

I just wondered what peoples opinions on shrink wrapped modules are. We all know that the Arcaeum prices them the highest but IMHO I value them kinda middle of the road.  I've bought several shrink-wrapped modules from Ebay and have been disappointed with all of them. Shrink is no protection from spine creases or corner dings. Nearly all that have shrink modules I have bought have a least minor spine creases or corner dings. I know I'm a picky person but I find better quality from personal collections.   Case in point - recently bought 2 collections of about 8 books each for about $40-50. First collection has 6 shrink modules of which 1 maybe (N4) may find its way into my collection. Second collection 8 books containing completely mint B11 and CM5 both of which went straight into my collection.   Shrink INMO is over-priced and comes with NO guaratee of quality.

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