Update to T1st DMG auction
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Post Posted: Fri Sep 30, 2005 3:05 pm 

1st post on this topic in on page 30 if you would like to refer to it.

Seller (Kitchensink Sales) finally sent the DMG to me after many emails back and forth.  At one point he told it was late because he was helping some relatives who got caught in the rath of Hurricane Katrina.  SO I cut him some slack.  He then told me that he had put the wrong address on the package and it had been returned to him.  When the package finally arrives it is a 6th print not the T1st print represented by the photo in his auction which I have found out he stole from this website.

I asked during the auction if the photo is the item to be sold and he replied "Yes".  I asked how many numbered pages does the book have he replied it has "232".  This, of course, was a lie intended to represent a T1st print.  Anyone can open the book and see that it has 238 numbered pages.

After receiving the 6th print I sent him an email detailing most of this and giving 3 days to respond before I left negative feedback for him.  He did not respond.  And I left the neg.  He responed with a neg to me suggesting alll sellers block me from their auction.

So that's where it stands now.  I do not like to name the seller but in this case I think it is warrented.  At the very least - he stole a photo from this website and used it to misrepresent his auction.  Fruthermore, he answered questions in a manner to misrepresent his item as something more valuable then a 6th print.  My feedback has taken a hit but considering just about every seller who has left feedback for me has been very positive, I should survive.  

Let me know if you think I mishandled this in anyway.



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Post Posted: Fri Sep 30, 2005 3:12 pm 

Prufrock wrote:
Let me know if you think I mishandled this in anyway.


hey mart

aww man sorry it didnt pan out in the end after the PMs at the start. thought we were onto summit there!

fwiw i would have prb done exactly what you have, bar for prb going there personally and seeing if my fist fits well around his nose :D

anyone with any nouse about them will see that your neg is one left by a sap. i had one like that many moons ago...still the only one i have, left in similar circumstances.

never mind chummer....you'll get another :)


Are we nearly there yet?

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