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I'm not sure how many know about this already, but thought since I have some more information that I'd post it.

For those that don't know, UnCon is the online version of GenCon organised every year for the Wizards community online. It's celebrating it's tenth anniversary this year.

I've been informed that the guest events this year are as follows (*please note this is unofficial & times may change so check on the site for further updates and more information*)

All dates are Sept. & times PST

Monday 19th

3pm - 5pm Eberron RPG Q&A with Keith Baker

Tuesday 20th

5pm Sage Advice

Wednesday 21st

6pm   "Malak's Maze" with S.K. Reynalds

Thursday 21st

6pm - 8pm   Monster Ecologies with Tavis Allison

Friday 22nd

5pm   D&D - Meet Rich Burlew

6pm - 8pm  Professional Game Mastering with Tavis Allison

The guest list on the site is larger, but these were the events I know should take place.

You can find the guest list here Guest List and more information about Events here Events.

Hope to see some of you there :)

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