Differences among early prints of the Basic Set.
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Post Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2005 11:46 am 

For posterity, I have catalogued some additional differences between the second print of the Basic D&D book and later prints not mentioned in the Acaeum listing on this:

- Back cover is blank on both sides

- table of contents is slightly different with some changed page numbering

- Alignment graphic is of a different style, with different example creatures

- Pg. 19 adds a paragraph explaining the use of the 20-sided die on the to-hit table. This table has been relocated to the middle of the page, with text above and below it.

- Pg. 22 the page layout is slightly different. Also, under the heading "Monster List" the reference found in later printings to 8 sided hit dice is missing

- On last pages the GenCon advertisement found in later printings is replaced with a listing of TSR products

Monster List: a number of changes, here!

- Some creatures are missing, and others added. Gnolls, spiders are missing and nixies added.

- Art work is different: harpy, hydra, manticore, and skeleton pix missing; Pic of purple worm fighting some adventurers added

- There is a line for "Werewolf, etc. See Lycanthrope"

- There is a different treasure picture as well


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Post Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2005 12:40 pm 

I have the first print (F115-R) and the details are similar to the second print you've listed, although I'll have to check more carefully later.

With regard to the monsters, I also noted that a paragraph in the Giants section was deleted between the 1st and later (3rd+) printings.

Also interesting is that although the entry for Nixie was deleted from the Monsters, there is a reference to Nixies that remains under the Charm Person spell, I believe.

Another interesting sentence in the 1st print was a reference to Zombies being poisoned by salt - I think that this was under the section regarding spells.

The 1st print also has references to the Geomorphs rather than B1.

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