Print Run Information: Dungeon Master's Guide (2nd Edition)
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Dungeon Master's Guide First (1989): TSR Angled logo.  [picture] Second (?): TSR Gold Angled logo.  [picture]  As with many TSR books, no print information is listed on the interior. It is likely that there are many printings to this book that can't be identified.  Dungeon Master Guide (Revised) - note name change  [picture] First (1995): Cover price of $20.00.  Listed as "1st Print, April 1995" on interior.  The front and rear interior covers list and picture a variety of current AD&D products. Second (1997): Wizards of the Coast printing.  Cover price of $24.95.  Interior covers ads have been dropped.  Has WotC copyright and contact information on back cover.  Has 1997 copyright on back cover, but continues to state "1st Print, April 1995" on interior.  Interior makes no mention of Wizards of the Coast.  As with the Player's Handbook, it seems likely that WotC simply took the existing DMGs and put new covers on them.

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