David Sutherland's Funeral
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Post Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2005 11:33 am 

Hello all,

I took the time to attend David's funeral yesterday and thought I would share the event with those of you unable to attend.

I arrived shortly after the visitation began and was, for a while, the only "gamer" there as most of those who attended were family and friends of the family. (Eventually I was joined by Dave Arneson and a couple of others whose names I don't have here at work. ) I met David's brother and talked with him for a while and then had the opportunity to meet David's mother who was very gracious. After a while I met David's daughters and some of the other immediate family members and expressed my condolences to them as well.

I had exchanged emails with some of Dave's old co-workers at TSR over the last week and passed along their regrets and sorrow at not being able to attend and everyone smiled at some of the names. David's brother said that of all the people that Dave had worked with it was his days at TSR and the people he worked with their that he most enjoyed.

David's sister, Trudy, was there and she and I spoke the most. We talked about David's love of the hobby and his passion for his work. She said that the last year, despite David's pain, had been one of profound joy for him as letters, emails and phone calls poured in from around the globe as word of his illness spread. Trudy is convinced that the outpouring of love that came from this effort is what allowed David to survive for so much longer than the original prognosis. Trudy is a remarkable woman. Her efforts for her brother have been Herculean, her love for her baby brother profound.

Trudy oversees a trust fund established last year for the benefit of David's two daughters, Heather and Susie. (David's death unfortunately came before his oldest daughter's wedding this coming Labor Day weekend.) Many of you have asked about doing something for the family and I would encourage donating to the fund. Trudy can be reached at:

Trudy DeKeuster
13911 Castelar Circle
Omaha, NE 68144

You should contact her directly through Paul Stormer whose work last year on the auctions was greatly appreciated by the entire Sutherland family.

I used to work for a game company and David was one of the few people who seemed to embody so much of the grand potential for the hobby. The only time I met him I was struck by his enthusiasm and great love for what he was doing. On my own website I said that David was one of the most underappreciated artists of the last thirty years but one who had far greater impact than many of the most successful. I've heard from no shortage of people that David was one of those rare people you truly enjoyed working with and from my brief experience I believe it whole heartedly.

Many of us know how David's art eventually let to his growing skill as a cartographer for the worlds we loved. I think it is quite fitting that one of the Acaeum members provided the inscription that will now adorns David's marker: "Time to map Heaven"

In the end David died knowing that his life's work was appreciated by countless fans and enthusiasts. He knew that what he had done had brought joy and excitement and inspired imaginations in both young and old. No artist is immortal but David's place in the history of Dungeons and Dragons and roleplaying will never fade.


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Post Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2005 2:27 pm 

I would just like to say, that even though I never met David(I think), enjoying his work was looking at the evolution of the D&D itself.

Started playing D&D at Great Lakes in '76-'77. Went to Dungeon in Lake Geneva. Got to adventure in original Blackmoor. Saved some rare pieces from then, not in best shape: Palace of Vampire Queen, Beastmaker Mountain. Started collecting recently.


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Post Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2005 9:51 pm 

Another homage:

Allan Grohe ([email protected])
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