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Post Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2005 8:44 pm 

harami2000 wrote:
Deadlord36 wrote:Harami, you forget my copy for $525 at auction last year.

*g*. Never made it on to the "official" list ( Page Not Found ), so obviously must be a figment of your imagination, Frank! :o :twisted:

*ducks and covers*



heh, heh... at least it wasn't a "1st print" and you sold it on without being aware of that.

Hmm, yes . . . now that you mention it I seem to recall that auction (though it was long before the valuation board began tracking any data).

Closes eyes and tries to recall relevant posts . . .

Deadlord said something akin to "luckily muaddib was on sabbatical as no one but he and Foul seemed to have noticed it.  Deadlord also remarked that he is surprised Foul didn't bid higher.

Foul replied his budget isn't what it used to be.   :D

Despite this late recollection on my part, I had forgotten about it till just now.  I think this also proves that I spend too much time reading posts!

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