Most efficient International shipping methods?
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Post Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2005 1:09 pm 

I want to keep the shipping costs reasonable but am obviously interested in obtaining delivery confirmation.  I think with US GPM, confirmation is not offered, only a "certificate of mailing".  That combined with insurance might do the trick.  I'm not sure.  Does anyone know of a relatively inexpensive way to ship to, say, Australia, with del conf?  Thanks in advance...

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Post Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2005 1:27 pm 

Can't do it. GPM doesn't offer confirmation or insurance.  

Airmail letter-post allows you to send it "Registered Mail" for an additional $7.50 (this only provides for insurance of about $44). For an additional $1.75 you can get a return receipt (however, you can only do this if you send it registered).

Airmail parcel allows you to add on insurance ($1.85 for first $50.00, $2.60 for 50-100, etc.) Even though Air Parcel must be used for packages over 4lbs and over a certain size, it can still be used for light packages. Just specify you want it sent by parcel and not letter-post. This is the only way to insure packages (other than the minimal amount provided by Registered Mail).

Make sure you fill out the long (multi-page white customs form for parcel). The short "green" for for letter post.

For what its worth, I have sent out many hundreds of international packages by GPM, letter-post and Parcel and every single one has arrived without any delays (and none had insurance or any sort of tracking). If something is very expensive and you want to require insurance, then the somewhat higher postage rates shouldn't bother a buyer as they are already dropping a significant amount on the purchase.

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