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Post Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2005 9:30 pm 

Any expereinced collectors care to give me advice on which scale to use? SW-NM-Ex-VG-GD-PO-etc. or SW-NM-VF-FN-VG-GD-FA-etc. (with +'s or -'s if appropriate)

How should my grading be affected by price stickers/price sticker residue?

Should grading be affected by the original shrinkwrap starting to warp? What would it be advisable to do with such an item for the long haul - leave it, and let the warping run its course, try to cut into parts of it to reduce warping or remove the sw and bag the item instead?

Advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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Post Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2005 8:01 pm 

I use the same grading conventions that the Acaeum uses and they are all explained with some detail there. ( it can be found from the acaeum home page under the "front desk" section.)


This covers the bases pretty well, but when I am listing items, I further divide them into in-between grades if necessary (such as VG/FN or VF/NM).

I feel that price stickers detract only a minor amount from items condition - if at all.  That is, unless they are very large, unattractive or there are many of them.  Further, most price stickers/glue residue can be successfully removed with some care and proper techniques (there is an old thread on this and I will see if I can find it and "bump" it to the top of the list).

Personally, I'd leave the shrink alone - there must be some way to "halt" the warping process though . . . I imagine constant pressure in the early stages must help somwhat ????  Keep in mind, that the grade will be affected by warped shrink - if a module is permanently "Bent", then the overall grade will be less.

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