How close are you to completing your TSR D&D collection
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Poll: How close are you to a complete collection

That's easy, I have it all! 7%       7%  [ 3 ]
Missing 1-20 hard to find items! 19%       19%  [ 8 ]
Need another 20-50 items! 26%       26%  [ 11 ]
Could use about 50-200 items 14%       14%  [ 6 ]
200-500 items short 12%       12%  [ 5 ]
more than 500 items short 14%       14%  [ 6 ]
I do not collect this stuff, its crap really!! 7%       7%  [ 3 ]
Total votes : 42


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Post Posted: Sat Jun 11, 2005 9:36 am 

wthomas wrote:I collect across most editions although I have no OD&D yet (not through not wanting it, just budget)

My faves are 1st ed AD&D but I probably have mostly 2e and 2.5e. I must be a sucker for the black edged colours and gold writing (strange as gold and black are my team's football colours).

With 1e if I get an item for the first time its mine. Second copies go into the collection for my eldest and 3rd copies go to the little one. That way, when they are old enough they should have a really niceselction of materials to start with. They already both have the 3 core 1e books and a couple of modules. For some reason I have seem to have loads of Tomb of the Lizard King! I apply this rule strictly, regardless of condition so the kids may end up with better copies than me until I get the fourth copy to upgrade.

LOL - That's pretty close to what I have done too!  I've been passing down some of the books & modules to the kids.  I've got four girls so anything I give them will be well used by the time they are done...


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Post Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2005 8:04 am 

I think I need 40-50 items from my OD&D/1e AD&D list to finish up.  I've got maybe half that on my 2e list.  There are a lot of 2e items I just don't care to own. *cough..spelljammer..cough*

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