2nd edition?
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Post Posted: Thu May 05, 2005 1:44 am 

Thenraine wrote:Thanks for the info guys-I wonder where AD&D would be today if it had remained the first edition only with only slight rule additions over the last couple decades-certainly more unified if nothing else!

Hey! Maybe we'd have had a set of fighting wheels. :D

I think D&D of any persuasion is primarily a fantasy roleplaying game. Anything that encumbers the DM or Players, restricts gameplay or draws an encounter out ad infinitum, is contrary to the spirit of the game.

Perhaps a 1st Edition AD&D rule set and a stack of small press 'house rules', the usual magazines and fanzines and the wealth of module writing talent were all we really needed.

Still, you can't blame the primaries for wanting to make millions out of their game.

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