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Post Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2005 9:47 am 

Well, I've catalogued all of my items except for the magazines--I'll get to that over the next couple of days.  Fortunately, my KoDTs are already in order, but I have Dragons and Dungeons scattered throughout multiple boxes.

I know I've read and used items that I was unable to find.  Perhaps when I owned the store some of my personal items ended up in the store mix and sold.  That's unfortunate.  I no longer have the original cover wrap that came with my Dark and Hidden Ways, although I do have both that and the Wild Things.  I've owned a Complete Ninja's Handbook that isn't present.

Using this site, I discovered that my printings suck.  For the important stuff, like the PHB, DMG, OCE etc, I have very late printings.  DMG is in very nice condition, but it's a 9th print.  Sad.  OCE is 12th.

I do have first prints FF, UA, and Swords and Spells, but that book has inked initials on the cover.  Sad again.

My H1 is ragged.  My Jade Hare shows more wear than I remembered, but I did find one of the old MoHS catalogs--maybe even the one I ordered from when I got the Jade Hare in the first place.  Most of my Supplements I-IV are in various conditions of use.  

I also discovered a fair bit of duplication--again, that probably arose when I owned the store.  I can picture it now.  A Storm Riders lying on the counter must be mine, so I throw it in my box of stuff and take it back home.  

Feeling kind of good, kind of bad.  I thought I had all of the Gazetteers, for example, and I don't.  In fact, most of the items I thought I had but don't were in the $25-30 range, making me wish I'd done this a year ago when I owned the store and could replace them pretty easily.  I could spend $3-400 replacing stuff I thought I already owned.

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Post Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2005 10:29 am 

Hrm, don't be sad.  Personally I prefer middle printings in excellent quality ... the price is usually a lot nicer, and I play with everything I own so I don't want something I'm going to be afraid to take out and open up, etc.  It's Dungeons and Dragons, for christ sake, not a Blake drawing or a Homer manuscript.  

That said, I have quite a few modules that are in pretty sad condition, but usable at least ... I hope to "upgrade" all my 1E books and modules over time, buying and selling as I can find cheap copies.  Done it a few times already with several different rulesets and books, and it works out pretty well.  You don't make any money, of course, but it mitigates some of the loss.  If you are interested in liquidating a few of your duplicated things, let me know what you've got laying around. :)

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