Monster Manual August 1979 Difference
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Hi, I have an Advanced Dungeons and Dragon Monster Manual 4th Edition August 1979 that is similar to the one on this web site but it seems to differ in this way -  Wizard logo - When I enlarged web page copy on the front cover it has writing in the bottom right hand corner. I have a wizard logo exactly like the version before this one (5th print) on mine. I also have the number 2009 in the left corner like web page of same year version. But the number is not the same as the previous version.  Cover art is the same.  "Advanced D&D" is in an angled yellow banner, top left corner; the red letters of "Advanced D&D" have black highlights, and there's no "TM" designation after it - I don't have black highlights and there is a TM after D&D word of my book.  "Monster Manual" title is at the top - same  "Advanced D&D" is in white lettering on the spine, so is Monster Manual in Yellow.  ISBN on spine and rear cover.   Red flyleaf (though a copy with a white flyleaf has been spotted) States "4th Edition, August 1979" on the copyright page - I don't have any red pages through the book, so is mine be the white page that is being referred to as spotted.  Any info as to what I have would be good.  Thanks Karen :roll:


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Hi Karen, welcome to the forums! Please be sure to let us know more about yourself on the "Introduce yourself fellow collectors page"  Could you take a picture of your item? Its much easier to tell you a more definitive answer if you have a picture so we can see. thx

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