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Post Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2005 9:11 am 

On a different post, the idea of using minis for other games came up.  I have been careful to keep my child away from the older minis for fear that the lead content in the minis could harm her.  Does anyone know how much (if any) lead is in the "lead" items?

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Post Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2005 1:45 pm 

From what I understand, the lead minis are Completely lead. There are also pewter minis and other metals now too. Not to mention Plastic ones that should be safe for any use (Except for swallowing, as some little ones might do)

Although I do not collect them now, I have handled lead minis for the entire time I have been playing D&D. That began in 1978 and I have not had any bouts of lead poisioning that I know of.....

Personally I feel quite safe allowing the older grandkids to play with them. However, there is no way that I would allow the baby to, he tends to chew on everything within his reach..... and some things not so much within his reach. He has learned to walk, and climb now, so there is not much you can keep him out of.....

The other two grandikds have now outgrown the 'chewing everything' habit, but just like their grandpa, I don't think they will ever outgrow the 'get into everything' habit.... :roll:

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