A call for submissions - in English!
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Post Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2005 2:40 pm 

As some of you may know, I and another select group of Italian fans started three years ago a pdf magazine devoted to vintage games (mainly Classic D&D and AD&D, but we somehow manage to publish stuff about other games too  :wink: ): DM Magazine (you can check it out at Nothing found for  Dm_magazine). We have happily reached our tenth issue (quite a milestone in the harsh world of game magazine publishing! ) with a big Tunnels & Trolls dossier by Gianmatteo Tonci (tosattearp): I suppose it's the only one of its kind ever published anywhere. This issue published too the transcript of the interview with Harold Johnson in the CTV magazine, in English with Italian language notes. Mulling about this, I wondered about adding an English language section for non Italian readers. This would not be a translation of the Italian language articles, but a separate section with its own materials. Considering the absolute lack of any magazine devoted to vintage games and gaming, it seems an interesting idea.
Now the problem is getting articles. Is there any of you interested in sumbitting me anything? Reviews, comments, adventures, interviews... everything may be interesting for us. For example, we could surely use reviews of the classic AD&D modules such as Ravenloft (I6 and I10), the Desert of Desolation series (I 3-5), Dragonlance and so on. Another interesting subject would be the rarest of the rarest D&D products (for example an article about the Daystar West modules).  
Important note: this is a free magazine so we can't pay anybody. We do this out of our free time and for pure passion for vintage games.  What do you think about this idea? Would you like to contribute something? Please let me know. :D

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