I think we should al introduse ourself in seperate mesages..
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Indeed, most of us here are 30 - 40. I think it has something to do with when we started....   I'm 33 and living in The Netherlands. The first time I found out about RPG-ing was in around 1984 when my brother and I visited London and found a small RPG-shop. My brother bought a Games Workshop module and we had fun with it. But since we didn't speak and read English too well we didn't start playing any RPG until 1989. With the release of the 2nd edition AD&D we bought our first TSR books and ever since we've been playing the game.  At the moment I'm collecting D&D, 1st and 2nd edition AD&D and Alternity (great system from TSR!). besides that, I regulary have other rare items lying around here, just out of curiosity. At the moment I have the Warhammer FRP HB book from 1986, but the system doensn't interest mee too much... Of course, most items I collect have to be usable for my game-play as well.

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