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Post Posted: Sat Feb 19, 2005 10:04 pm 

Firstly, in case this has already been mentioned I apologize, but the effort is worth a second mention in that case.

We've only just received the latest Dungeon magazine here in Perth, Australia (January issue 118), and one of our members received a glowing thank-you for the months of hard work done years ago, on a definitive map of Greyhawk showing published places of interest.

Thanks Paul (Stormberg). 8)

(Although it's not your only work I thought I'd draw everyone's attention)

Article appears on page 6 for the full write-up.

I thought it may be interesting for anyone else who's been in print about D&D to boast a bit, or for someone to do it for them.

We can't send Grammys, Emmys, or Oscars, but we can give a nod to great achievement.


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Post Posted: Sun Feb 27, 2005 12:45 am 

Howdy Adder,

Thanks much! Sorry, I missed this post the first time it came around. I appreciate the thanks.

My contribution was to find every obscure place on the face of the WoG that I thought should be on a map. I submitted a huge list to the GreyTalk fan list and Kij Johnson as part of the "Stump the Greyhawk Team" thread in 1998. There was mighty talk of a huge master poster map of Greyhawk for DM's. I researched like crazy and then, nothing.

Then, 6 years later, out of the blue Erik contacted me and asked if I still had the list. :)

Not all of the places on my list appear on the map (even some that should have) but quite a few do. I was not the only contributor. Indeed I feel my role is pretty small. Thanks to Erik for the credit and the initiative to get the maps done. Finally!

Here is the last list I posted on GreyTalk, there was another later one emailed to Kij Johnson but I can't find it:

From December 1998 GreyTalk Archives:
Howdy Greyhawk Team,

G-Team, Here is the next round of my "Stump the Greyhawk Team" places.

At 01:38 PM 11/3/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Here is the challenge:  try to come up with a Greyhawk reference that
>we've missed to a city, town, dungeon, hill, moutain range, river,
>fortress, crypt, fjord, pass, or any other item of interest that should
>be on a Greyhawk map.

*(Note, I have completely and utterly Ignored WG10, WG7, and anything Estes.)
*(Final note, I have not covered novels, Dungeon adventures, WG7-8, WG10
WGA1-4, WGM1, WGR1-6, WGS1-2, FtA, and CoG.)

Big Seal Bay DRAG57
Arrowhead Bay R4
Dunhead Bay Dra57

Empyreal Bridge R4
Critwall Bridge Greyhawk Wars

seven Castles of Rulership R4
Hydell R4
Keep of Alderweg UK2-3
Castle Mukos S2
Restenford Castle (ruins) L1
Torkeep WG6
Castle Hart Castles Boxed Set
Slaver's Stockade A2
Moathouse (ruins) T1
Castle Blackmoor GA

Burning Cliffs GA

Aquaria R1-4

Berghof (Duchy) UK2-3
Warfields, Wormhall, Freehold, etc. (any surviving Bandit Kingdoms?) Dra63
Nedla Greyhawk Wars
Oberulsprulheim GDQ1-7
Prinzfeld WGQ1
Kingdom Where None Has Stood WGQ1
Barony of Ulek WGQ1
Rhizia WoG83
Esmerin (a valley) GA

Great Pit R4
Caves of Northending R4
Porpherio's Garden UK1
Quasqueton B1 (1st print)

Dark Woods R4
Black Forest R4
Charwood Forest R4
Thelwood (erroneously Thelly Forest in Greyhawk Wars) Dra57
Kelman Woods L1
The Dead Forest L1
Spring Glade L1
Dweomer Forest L1
Reddy Forest L1
Argo Forest L1
Rogan Forest L2
Lookout Forest L2
Forest Gesex L2

Growing Hills R4
Kelman Hills L1
Bone Hill L1
Green Knoll L1
Gesex Hill L2
Dead Gnoll's Eyesocket S2

Lendore Isle L1-2
Doc's Island R4
Syberate UK1
numerous small unamed islands R4
Isles of Woe DMG1
Asperd Isle GA
Sinking Isle GA
Turucambi (archipelago?) GA

Onion Lake R4
Lake Spendlowe UK3
Lake Farmin L2
Udrukankar GA

Emridy Meadow WoG83, T1-4

Azak-Zil (Pureheart) GA

Snurre's Hall (Volcano) G1-3
White Plume Mountain (Geothermal Geyser Cone) S2
Flamenblutt (Volcano) A3-4
unnamed range I1
several unamed mountain ranges R4
The Great Peaks R4
Northending Moutain R4
Kamph Mountains UK2-3
Xerbal Mountains L1
Lookout Peak L2
Farmin Mountains L2
Gargoyle Peak WG9
Peaks of Haven WGQ1
Iggwilv's Horn S1-4
Tostehnca (Skrellingshald) GA

Kendeen (Harsh) Pass WoG83
Rockegg Pass Dra57
Kelten Pass Dra57
Bluefang-Kelten Pass Dra57
Riddling's Pass WGQ1
Fair Passage R4
several unamed passes R4
The Pass of Alderweg UK2-3
The Pass (pass into Gargoyle Valley) L2
Thunder Pass Greyhawk Wars
Celene Pass Greyhawk Wars
Bramblewood Gap Greyhawk Wars
Ebenharfe gap WGQ1

Plains of Iuz S1-4

Norland Point Dra57
the Tusk Dra57
Densac Peninsula Greyhawk Wars
Thillonrian Peninsula WoG83

Imeryds Run T1-4
River Dunwater U2
Dank Brook U3
Black Drain U3
Greencourse River R4
Ruling River R4
several unamed rivers R4
River Gann UK2-3
River Lewyn UK3
Kaye River Dra57
Svarjet (subterranean) D1-3
Pitchy Flow (subterranean) D1-3
Restin River (East and West) L1
Farmin River L2
River of Blood S2
River of the Lost (subterranean) S1-4

High Road T1-4
Low Road T1-4
Greatroads R4
several unamed roads and trails R4
main road through the Bramblewood WoG83
track/road between Orlane, Hochoch, and Hookhill N1
Prince's Road WGQ1

Telfic Gulf WoG83
Sea of Yar WoG83
Gulf of Yar WoG83

Spring of Ehlonna WG12

Great Swamp S2

Garythane R4
Burle U2
Seaton U2
Ostverk T1-4
Nulb T1-4
Sobanwych T1-4
Northending R4
Restenford L1-2
Saltmarsh U1-3
Garrotten L1-2
Rockburgh-on-the-Marsh WG9
Shell R4
Felonius R4
Endril R4
Fairway R4
Neang Kazar R4
Nimbortan R4
Newford R4
Hillbrook R4
numerous small unamed towns R4
Suderham (ruins?) A3-4
Bankspret (renamed Empyrea) R4
Ferd T1-4
Syber UK1
Gannaway UK2
Kusnir UK2
Hallbridges UK3
Chiswell UK3
Catbut (misspelling of Calbut) Dra57
Ustula Dra57
Killdeer Dra57
Galdol Dra57
Newkeep Dra57
Dekspoint Dra57
Dingaverge Dra56
Erelhei-Cinlu (subterranean) D1-3
Orlane N1
Mitrick (misspelling of Mitrik) Greyhawk Wars
Attstad Greyhawk Wars
Thrutch (or Thrunch) WG6
Croodle (elven?) D1-3, G1-3
Nithe (gnomish) D1-2
village in Hepmonoland A1-4
Drone A1-4
Turiss A1-4
Rittersmarche WGQ1
Brenfluss WGQ1
Oakenburgh WGQ1
Township of Riddling's Pass WGQ1
Reichsvale (valley?) WGQ1
numerous unnamed elf villages WG12
Moonhollow WG12
Vinestrong WG12
Woodsdeep WG12
Fernwalk WG12
Petalrich WG12
Earthwood WG12
Vagabond WG12
Earthwood WG12
Little Bissel WG12
Ebonwood WG12
Badgertown WG12
Darkglade WG12
Rock Path WG12
Roothome WG12
Barkburg WG12
Burrowville WG12
Mossburg WG12
Scamp WG12
Snaffle WG12
Kardz WG12
Plunder WG12
Tambor WG12
Swindle WG12
Danz WG12
Fortune WG12
Seer WG12
Mooch WG12
Hornwood S1-4
Thornwood S4
Zarak GA
Azak-Zil (Pureheart) GA
Tostehnca (Skrellingshald) GA

Greenway Valley T1-4
Shadow Valley R4
Gargoyle Valley  WG9
Spring Valley L1
Gnome Vale WG4
Reichsvale (village?) WGQ1
Craggy Dells S1-4, S4
Valley of Death GA
Rigdruok (Rainbow Vale) GA
Esmerin (a country also) GA

Pinnacles of Azor'Alq GA
Csipros Erd (Geysers of Death) GA
Tovag Baragu (Navel of the Oerth) GA

Futures Bright,


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