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Post Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2005 11:25 am 

My favorite Module at least for DMing has been, is now, and perhaps always will remain the WGR-1: Greyhawk Ruins. Not to be confused with WG-7: Castle Greyhawk a module with an unmitigated stench of comedy, which to the purest in me somewhat eats at my nerves.

Anyway, WGR-1; with it's multitudes of encounters, the thousand rooms, and the various subplots, there was little for the DM to do, but to keep track of the progress and the deceased PC's.

The close proximity to the City of Greyhawk allowed for multiple visits to and from the City to restock and replenish supplies, and to turn in the plunder for better, more advanced armor and arms and for magic users to flesh out and study newly gotten spell books, or to learn newly acquired knowledge from advancing skills made through the adventure.

However, the best memories and playing experiences that I have had strictly as a player, were hands down the GDQ series, Giants, Drow and Queen. As Sailors in the US Navy, my friends (Shipmates) and I always had plenty of free time in the late 70' and early 80's, while aboard our ship at sea, with not mush else to do to while away from port and with the sometimes long periods of the time between ports o' call, we read lots of books and played lots of D&D, and other games too. So starting and completing the GDQ was not only loads of fun, but easy to do on an ongoing basis. We played D&D for all of the four years that I was stationed on that ship.

Obviously (regrettably) I will never again have that sort of free time to devote to D&D and so I was undoubtedly spoiled by the massive amount of free time I had then. Now I rarely have enough time to devote simply to collecting the items that help me to remember those cherished moments in the fantasylands of Greyhawk and the others. Not that I have not tried to rekindle something like it after the 80's, but nothing was ever the same or even remotely so. No one (that I have been able to find) around where I live, really has the luxury of enough time and to get enough worthy folks together for gaming and it seems to be increasingly hard to do as time moves on.

The only thing that has ever come close for me is On-Line gaming. Something I found purely by accident while cruising the Internet several years ago. I stumbled upon a web site that was created for and totally dedicated to two specific types of RPG's; Star Wars and D&D. I know almost nothing about the Star Wars portion, not being into that specific game myself, but I understand it is operated in the same manner and uses the same system as the D&D site does.

Basically, the site(s) allows one to create a PC and to begin adventuring almost immediately. Although I found it better for me to cruise the site as a lurker, for a little while before delving in as a player, and this paid decent dividends for me later on as a DM and as a Moderator, as my knowledge of the site and its workings helped in ways I had not foreseen at first.

The game is played in a message board format, or sometimes through a dedicated Chat room for real time play. I never did the Chat room thing, but I played and DM'ed through the message board format for several years, and I even moderated portions of a sub-site as well. A town called the Nexus was formed at some point just before I joined as part of the original D&D portion of the main web site, and after playing there for a time, I began to DM as well, and eventually after some Time I was asked to help Moderate. A while later the City of Nexus was given its own web site and re-named Nexus Island (With Nexus City as it's largest town) as a sub site of the main site. I helped to move the town to the new web site and it has thereafter been operated solely on its won and to this day continues to grow in scope, membership, and activity.

Of course, I dedicated all of my free time to the new D&D Nexus web site. The system is made so that players can easily find a game to join, and easily create a PC using a few parameters the DM will inform you of. And the site allows for old time gaming using first, second or third edition rules. I got advances at work and with that added responsibilities and so eventually I had to quite the Nexus web site completely, as I was not doing the site a good turn by not being there when needed as a moderator, a DM, and a player.

For those interested in having a look, I have links to the Nexus web site on my (Aneoth) E-Bay "About Me" page. I did not thing it would be proper for me to advertise that site on this Forum without express permission from the Acaeum. If you do go to the Nexus Web Site for a visit, look up Jihad (Web Site Administrator) and ask him about Natasha Cloud's Grocery Store and tell him that Aneoth sent you. 8)

I still visit the site on occasions to look around and check out the changes taking place, seemingly overnight at times. Much like many others here, I am somewhat of a purest and do not much like third edition D&D and the Nexus web site seems to be concentrating more and more on that aspect of the game. But to give the site and it's moderators and administrators credit, there are still many on-going first and second edition games, as the Nexus web site has many purists there as well.

And when I do visit the site, I find that I always look back with fond memories of great times had and great adventures shared with friends. I always wish for the time to rejoin some of those old adventures and begin news ones.

The friendships one develops through such long term fellowship and common interests is without doubt the single thing that I miss most overall about playing D&D. Whether tabletop, or on-line. Even so, what I truly miss the most (in general) is tabletop face-to-face fantasy gaming in the world of Greyhawk. Nothing can beat that.

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Post Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2005 11:44 am 

Wow Aneoth, your post is really nice, but it makes me sad  :( . I really feel the same way....

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Post Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2005 1:12 pm 

Amen Brother.

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