Essay on New DMG 1st Print
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Post Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2005 11:26 pm 

RWilson wrote: Just a quick thing, though, that I can't find mentioned in any of the descriptions or threads, I see there is different artwork on pages 40 and 119, a picture of some kind of minotaur statue(instead of the later Erol Otus lich vs. wizard zap-off) and a bunch of potions by DCSIII, respectively.

Hi. The illustration info is in the Acaeum, but it's fairly well hidden, and IMHO should be displayed more prominently on the main DMG page. Not surprised you didn't see it. I only came across it when it was first posted as a site update.

To see it, go to Home->Rulebooks->DMG->6th print->Errata article

The page with the Errata describes all of the revisions. At the top of the page it mentions Oleck->Otus art change on pg 40. And under the page by page revisions, it lists an artwork change on pgs 40 and 119.

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