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Post Posted: Wed Feb 02, 2005 1:08 pm 

Ogreden wrote:She questions if it's sane?

What is sane?  Hey everyone we have someone on board who knows someone else who knows what sane is!  :D  :D  :lol:

If there was anything sane to any of what we do from the aspect of gamming to the aspect of collectors to those who resell for a hobby, then well we would be more in the norm.  Hey wait maybe WE are the sane ones and they are all insane.

Be honest how sane is it to look at your wife and tell her, "You know if a rift in the time continuem opened up and I had a chance to go to that world, I mean I love you dear but Hey I am GONE!!!!"  

I wonder can I take my PH with me so I can more easily access and locate my spell componenets and learn the spells? OK I think I need to take my DMG, MM, PH, UA, Encyclopedia Magica's  Oh Hell EVERYTHING but the Modules MUST go with me. I may need to research somethign when there.

Well, one things for certain:  No matter how much I want to cast a fireball, there's no way I'm carryin' frickin' bat guano around all day.  Sheesh!

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