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Post Posted: Mon Dec 27, 2004 3:00 pm 

This should be in the classified section, I know, but I wouldn't mind a little discussion about these particular miniatures. I'm currently trying to acquire all of the original Gamma World Grenadier miniatures for painting. I've managed to obtain some; most from the two boxed sets and a few blisters. Has anyone ever seen all of these? I've looked and looked and if they do come up its always the same ones.  I've marked the ones in red I have. I would buy any of these blisters or loose mins marked red or not except the Orlens or Serfs.

G-01 Android Workers and Warriors
G-02 Human Adventurers 1
G-03 Human Adventurers 2
G-04 Grens, Woods People
G-05 Serfs, Mutant Men
G-06 Orlens, Mutant Men (blister pack)
G-07 Healers
G-08 Restorationalists
G-09 Knights of Purity
G-10 Knights, Mounted
G-11 Brotherhood of Thought
G-12 Seekers
G-13 Iron Society
G-14 Tribesmen Human
G-15 Barkskin Tribesmen
G-16 Mutant Tribesmen
G-17 Tribesmen Mutant #3
G-18 Woman Adventurers
G-19 Townspeople
G-20 Villagers
G-21 Power Armor Troops
G-22 Partial Armor
G-23 Arns and Blaash
G-24 Herps and Parns
G-25 Soul Besh and Cal Thens
G-26 Hissers
G-27 Kesshin and Sleeths
G-28 Menral and Blight
G-29 Arks and Wolfiods
G-30 Badders
G-31 Hoops
G-32 Centisteed
G-33 Brutorz & Rakox
G-34 Podogs
G-35 Robots 1
G-36 Robots 2
G-37 Robots Attack Borg
G-38 Ecology / Agricultural Robots
G-39 Engineering Bots
G-40 Transport / Lifter Bots
G-41 Warbot
G-42 Ground Cars
G-43 Intelligent Animals
G-44 Weapons Pack 1
G-45 Weapons Pack 2
G-46 Medical Pack (blister pack)
G-47 Mutant Do-It-Yourself 1
G-48 Mutant Do-It-Yourself 2
G-49 Mutant Do-It-Yourself 3
G-50 Yexil
G-51 Robot Tankettes 1
G-52 Robot Tankettes 2


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Post Posted: Wed Dec 29, 2004 3:08 pm 

I have the two complete box sets.


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