The Year in Review
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Post Posted: Tue Dec 21, 2004 5:56 am 

What an interesting year this has been.  The forums seem to have exploded with new members and many, many "lurkers".  

From my own perception, it seems that a great deal of collectible items have been surfacing lately -- an inevitable effect of increased awareness, the Acaeum and the Steamroller that is eBay.

Some of the highlight's from the forum this year:

- Stormber manages both the Sutherland and Marsh auctions bringing a number of unique items to the public's attention.
- The original artwork for the DMG cover and the Paladin in Hell are discovered (both of which are now safely in Stormber's hands).
- Planes of Existence drafts are discovered and now safely with improvstone.
- TGE comes and goes and manages to secure the collective animosity of RPG collector's everywhere.
- Both burntwire & Deadlord begin to sell their collections while members such as improvstone, invincibleoverlord, a2jeff & aneoth make some impressive investments of their own.
- A number of rares go up for auction, a few of which include Fazzlewood, Jade Hare with cover, two ST1's, at least four Tsojconths and a mono C2 (this goes up twice and secures DL36 a tidy profit. . . but he's not a reseller   :D  ).  They all seem to gather a great deal of publicity due to the forums and even those not in the "running" are caught up in the enthusiasm - further increasing collector awareness.
- 189 new members registered on the forums.

Some stats you might be interested in:
-  Deadlord36 leads everyone in total posts with a gargantuan 1,155!  Next in line is ralf_toth with 581.
-  The current most prolific poster, however, is draco76 who has managed to post 292 times in just over two months - an impresive 4.17 posts/day (however, if LOL didn't count as a post, his numbers might be much less  :D  ) .
-  Other than Foulfoot, the longest standing members that still post are nev, mcduff & chromaticknight who joined on November 5th 2002 (lawrenson, beasterbrook & blackdougal all joined on November 6th.)

But, most importantly, I want to take a moment here to give Foulfoot a sincere THANK YOU for his efforts.  He has taken it upon himself to shoulder quite a burden without any financial return.  It is easy to forget in the course of referring to the Acaeum or using the forums, the extent to which this site has opened the doors to a worldwide collecting community.  

Enjoy the new year everyone!


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Post Posted: Tue Dec 21, 2004 7:19 am 

Thanks for the summary beyond .... at this rate 2005 stands to be an even bigger year.


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Post Posted: Tue Dec 21, 2004 1:42 pm 

I think this forum is in its infancy, D&D collectables will continue to become more popular and this will be the site to watch.

Thanks for having it here :)

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Post Posted: Mon Dec 27, 2004 4:55 am 

Woohoo - I got a mention!  :D
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