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Post Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2004 12:01 pm 

Internet Traveler --

I've been kick' in around computers all my life, and hopped on the internet in the late nineties like most around the forum. What bothers me most about the net is that it needs a complete update. I find dead links one after another, and what I can't stand is visiting a site only to find out it hasn't been updated in years. How is it still running; most of these type sites are no longer monitored by the original creator's. And I'm not just talking about D&D or RPG sites. There's so much loose information out there if you looked at it from above it would look like Gene Shalet's desk. I know I'm pipe dreaming if I think anyone will do anything about it, but I hope in the next 10 years of the net it doesn't get worse.

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Post Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2004 3:01 pm 

The net as it was invented and as it functions today, well at least the www side of the internet, will probably stay like it is for quite some time. The nature of the net isnt helping very much when it comes to reorganizing it or even "cleaning it up".  Well we *could* do this: lock everyone out for the nexts few weeks/months/whatever...then we go and delete everything. After that every internet user gets a security key he has to use to log on to the internet. Should he start to "waste space" or just generally put useless stuff on it he will be banned from the internet for the next 3 weeks. He will then be evaluated after that time and if everything is fine he may enter the internet again. Should he have a fall-back he will be banned from the net for the rest of his life....

That's how you clean up the net and keep it like that...not a very nice thought ;) at least it has a touch of 1984 to it :D

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