Something shady perhaps going on Ebay
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Post Posted: Sun Jan 19, 2003 3:27 am 

Anyone think it is weird that two 0 feedback sellers are selling some pretty rare items?  Take for instance the Misty Isles. The seller is new (shades) with 0 feedback and his/her description of the item is very good.  Seller states location is TX  Same for another seller 0 feedback seller selling some Mayfair limited edition items and other misc rare items. This other new seller states location is TX  The bidder of both sellers is a 0 feedback person with shades.   I have a feeling that these two bidders are connected to some shady guy..................We'll see what happens but I think I know who is behind all of this.


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Post Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2003 5:30 am 

Err... could you post links to the auctions in question?

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