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beyondthebreach wrote:
I now have The Dancing Hut, Can Seapoint Be Saved, Citadel By the Sea, Valley of the Earth Mother, Betrayed, Barnacus: City in Peril, Forest of Doom and Quest for the Midas Orb neatly set aside and bagged.

Okay, no real value there, but they are available and handy for quick reference or play (if the day ever comes that I play again. . .  :cry:  )

A decent enough use for old Dragons. . . eventually I will get a collection of all the old modules.

Along with all of the other stuff I am selling, I am selling a nearly continuous run of Dragons from 21 up to 250 (i.e. from when my subscription started up to what is on the Archive CD).  Naturally this includes all or nearly all of the issues with modules.  And since I bought them to use and abuse them, not to collect them - especially during the time period when the modules were in them - this means that many of them are not in great condition.  Including a stack of 20 or so (guessing) which are in Poor Condition (cover ripped and or missing is the typical flaw) and thus their only real value is likely to be the modules.  I'll probably list them as one large batch and hope someone wants them for the module.  If there are particular modules you want and they are in this batch you can have them for roughly the cost of shipping ($4.00 per Flat Rate Priority Envelope with three or four per envelope (Since I don't have to worry about the covers I can cram them in). :)  The others are being listed in batches of six to 10 (depending on the year) and will likely sell cheap.


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