"Best" module?
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Post Posted: Fri Oct 15, 2004 2:15 am 

beyondthebreach wrote:Between this thread and the one from before many have given their favorites. (mine are WG4 & S4).  

I thought I would chime in with a non-TSR module.  I really liked Citadel by the Sea from Dragon #78.  It is a great beginning level module and handles a classic humanoid race (Orcs) with a little more sophistication.  Went through it as a player and also DM'ed it years later.

Of course, my opinion is colored by the few non-TSR modules (or ones from Dragon/Dungeon Magazine) I have actually played.  Any other favorites that are not so commonly known?

These are generally overlooked but on the whole very high quality....the adventures in pre-#100 Dragon magazines.  My group played in almost all of these, but particularly the aforementioned Citadel By the Sea, Can Seapoint Be Saved?, Barnacus City in Peril, Forest of Doom and Ruins of Andril all became staples of my campaign after a little reworking.  I've run Citadel probably 3 times, (it was the first adventure of my last campaign before my current one) it's an excellent low level adventure with a decent storyline and intelligent foes, as well as a good "orcish" background. I would rank any of the above mentioned five modules in the same company as an above average "letter" module from the same period.   We could probably fill an entire new posting list with adventures from Dragon magazine that were exceptional....maybe I'll give my personal Top Ten Dungeon adventures list here sometime, I have to find it first.....

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Post Posted: Fri Oct 15, 2004 3:19 am 

I have to say the original Dragonlance stuff, because it did stand up as fiction. The sequence manages to tell a cool story, if you can follow it.

They could give you a story, with recurring themes and whatnot, to allow you to create a convincing world. Great games.

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