2nd Edition TSR printings
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Post Posted: Thu Sep 30, 2004 2:37 pm 

does any site keep track of 2nd Edition printings of TSR material?  i know many items from this time period have multiple printings.  i got curious when i compared a couple of my box sets.  i have 2 copies of Ruins of Undermountain and 2 copies of Ruins of Myth Drannor.  looking at the 2 different copies of each there are distinct differences.  for instance, one set of Ruins of Myth Drannor and Ruins of Undermountain have a recommended price of $20.00, while the other set have a price of $25.00.  There are some other differences, but i don't have the boxes in front of me right now.



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Post Posted: Thu Sep 30, 2004 2:51 pm 

There has been some discussion on this board on 2E print runs some time ago, but it never led to a complete list. Adrian Newman has done a lot of research on this. Check out this older thread: Print Run Information: PHBR series

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