Rob Kuntz and Different Worlds at GenCon!
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Post Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2004 2:34 am 

Different Worlds Publications returns to publishing with three new d20 books at GenCon Indy 2004!

Founded by industry veteran Tadashi Ehara in 1987, Different Worlds Publications publishes d20 sourcebooks, adventures, and campaign settings. Different Worlds will debut three printed d20 titles at GenCon:

  • Robert J. Kuntz's The Eight Kings is the fourth installment in the Maze of Zayene series; this adventure pits characters against Zayene himself, within his demi-plane laboratory and lair. The Eight Kings concludes the Maze of Zayene modules (the first three titles were published by Necromancer Games) and may also be played as a stand-alone scenario. Mr. Kuntz, best-known for his development efforts in helping to create the original Dungeons & Dragons and Greyhawk product lines for TSR, will be available for signings on Friday and Saturday.
  • Valus by Ryan Smalley, is a d20 regional campaign sourcebook. It focuses on the geography, history, and cultures of a 600-mile-long island that can serve as the core setting for a campaign; Valus can also be easily inserted into an ongoing campaign. Mr. Smalley is a newcomer to d20 publishing, but he is well-known for his ENWorld Story Hour "Sins of Our Fathers" (a fictional account of his home campaign sessions).
  • Mr. Smalley's The Return of Ippizicus Child-Eater will be available in a Special limited edition available only at GenCon Indy 2004 (the general edition will be available in September). The Return of Ippizicus Child-Eater is an adventure set within the Valus, in which the heroes must race the clock to prevent the return of an infamous demon to the world. Mr. Smalley will be available throughout GenCon for signings.

In addition to d20 books, Different Worlds will be selling back issues of Different Worlds magazine; Different Worlds t-shirts that feature the Valus sourcebook's cover cartography by Chuck McCann will also be available for purchase, as will 11"x17" promotional copies of the Valus island map.

Different Worlds Publications is in booth number 2025 at GenCon Indy, one aisle west from the autograph area.

The Different Worlds Publications web site is Different Worlds Publications - Home. For questions, contact [email protected]. For distributor or retail sales terms, contact [email protected].

Allan Grohe ([email protected])
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