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Translated, means "Master Set" (however, the real Finnish Master Set is instead titled Sankarisäännöt ("Hero Set").  (Thanks to Mika Sutinen for this info and the title).


Règles Compagnon - Boite 3

Thanks to Arnaud Duroy for the scan.


Ausbau Set

Came bundled with issue #2 of Drache (German version of Dragon).  (Thanks to Stefan Beate for this info and the scan).


Set 3: Companion Rules

Thanks to Or Lev for the scan (scan is of the DM's Manual).


Regole Companion - Set 3

Identical to the US version, with the exception that the AC7 Master Players Screen is included in the box -- but without the mini-adventure "The Spindle".  (Thanks to Simone Lando, Ciro Alessandro Sacco, and Danilo Moretti for this info, and  to Ciro Alessandro Sacco and Danilo Moretti for the scan).


Set 3: Companion Rules

Identical to the US version.  It was reprinted at least six times, differing only in the printing info listed on the copyright page.  (Thanks to Adrian Newman for this info, and to Javier Murillo for the scan).

South Korea

Advanced Set / Crystania RPG Combination Set Limited Edition

Special edition boxed set that includes the Players' Companion, DM's Companion, Master Players' Book, Master DM's Book, Crystania Rulebook, Crystania World Guidebook, Crystania Databook, and a set of dice. "Crystania" is apparently a homegrown Korean mileau based on a fantasy anime movie from 1995.  Differences with the U.S. version(s) are unknown.  (Thanks to Adrian Newman for this info, and to Adrian Newman and Javier Murillo for the scans).



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