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1 15 Summer 1981.  Premiere issue.  Untitled, but internally referenced as "RPGA News".  Interview with Gary Gygax; Fastest Guns That Never Lived; Top Secret notes; Gamma World notes; GenCon South report
2 10 Autumn 1981.  Untitled, but internally referenced as "RPGA News".   Interview with E. Gary Gygax, Part 2; DAWN PATROL - Preview; How to Create D&D Monsters; Mutants - GAMMA WORLD
3 8 Winter 1981.  Untitled, but internally referenced as "RPGA News".  Interview with Jim Ward; DAWN PATROL - Preview; Figure Painting by Michael Brunton; GAMMA WORLD Creatures
4 8 Jan 1982.  Announced results of newsletter naming contest (now entitled Polyhedron on the inside (second) cover).  Debut of NOR comic strip and Basically Speaking column.  Interview with "Jake" Jaquet, Part 1
5 6 Mar 1982.  Now titled "Polyhedron" on the cover.  Interview with "Jake" Jaquet, Part 2; The Round Table; Bag of Tricks - Game tips; Figure painting by Michael Brunton
6 5 May 1982.  Interview with Gary Lee "Jake" Jaquet, Part 3; Weapons of the Ancients - GAMMA WORLD; An Ace Against Odds - Game Scenario; First Tournament Tips
7 5 Jul 1982.  Top Secret Game; Boot Hill Game; Notes for the DM; Interview with Michael L. Carr, Part 1
8 5 Sep 1982.  Rune Scry - Solve Runes quickly; Getting Started - GANGBUSTERS Game; Figure painting - Conclusion by Michael Brunton; Interview with Michael L. Carr, Part 2
9 5 Nov 1982.  Dawn Patrol designer notes; contest winners; Confessions of a Greenhorn Gamer; Holiday Greetings from Gary Gygax; Christmas crossword
10 5 Jan 1983.  Encounters – Will Merculies be able to save Desibnu?; Developing a Gamma World campaign; Mapping Techniques Part 1 by Frank Mentzer; tournament organization tips; Tournament Scoring System
11 5 Mar 1983.  Encounters: Escort Rumpler; Getting Started - Dawn Patrol Game; Spelling Bee - Druid Spells; Allerory of the Party; Mapping Techniques Part 2 by Frank Mentzer
12 5 May 1983.  Encounters: Grifton vs. the red dragon; Questions and Answers; Basically Speaking -- massed battles; Mapping Techniques Part 3 by Frank Mentzer; Notes for the Dungeon Master by Gary Gygax
13 5 Jul 1983.  Deities, Demigods, and DMs; Ecosystem: GAMMA WORLD feature; Raid on Theseus: Star Frontiers Scenario; Psionic Pspells.  First mailing cover appears.
14 5 Sep 1983.  Convention Report; The Lone Wolf - GAMMA WORLD PC; Encounters: Swat and his Faithful Bear; Ambush on Lossend: Star Frontiers Scenario.  Mailing cover has an RPGA order form and a cartoon.
15 5 Nov 1983.  Encounters: Edrie Solo's Task; Do it Yourself: Solo Gaming; AD&D Game Exam; High Level Adventures
16 10 Jan 1984.  Riddle of Dolmen Moor module (RPGA5); Top Secret adventure; Shady Dragon Inn; Hot Shots and Cold Water; Research is not a dirty word; Monty Haul and the German High Command
17 10 Mar 1984.  Incants of Ishcabeble module (RPGA6); AD&D adventure; Variants, House Rules, and Hybrids; The Fighter; Two New NPCs; Disguised Weapons; Wishes Have Their Limits; DM Talk
18 10 May 1984.  Llywelyn's Tomb module (RPGA7); Marvel Superheroes adventure; Kobolds and robots and mutants with wings; The Magic User; Layover at Lossend; Money Makes the World Go Round
19 10 Jul 1984.  And the Gods Will Have Their Way module (RPGA8); Indiana Jones adventure; Lost Ships, Madmen, and Pirate Gold; Laser Pod
20 8 Sep 1984.  384th Incarnation of Bigby's Tomb module (R6); Proton Weapon; The Druid; Women in Role Playing
21 5 Nov 1984.  Witchstone AD&D adventure; Why Gargoyles Don't Have Wings, But Should!; Take Command of a Titan; Five New NPCs; Module Building from A to Z
22 5 Jan 1985.  Of Great Ships and Captains; In the Black Hours (part 1) AD&D module; Marlgoyles; RPGA Network Player and Judge Ranking System; Away With Words; Unofficial New Cleric Spells; Treasure Chest
23 5 Mar 1985.  April Fools issue.  In the Black Hours (part 2) AD&D module; Why Gargoyles Don't Have Wings, But Should!; New Magic Items; Dungeon Songs; Lighter Side of Encounters; Ultimists - New Character
24 5 May 1985.  Needle (part 1): Ruins of Empire module (I11); Secrets of Success; Unofficial New Magic User Spells (part 1); How Game Reviews Are Done; Grond Family and Friends
25 5 Jul 1985.  Needle (part 2): Retrieval module (I11); Unofficial New Magic-User Spells (part 2); RPGA Network Player and Judge Standings; Rampage!; How to Succeed at Judging an RPGA Network Event
26 5 Sep 1985.  Needle (part 3): The Powers That Be module (I11); Where Chaos Reigns; Gamma Mars; Unofficial Illusionist Spells
27 5 Nov 1985.  She-Rampage!; Dominion Spells; Torison Clan of Yantam; Alignment Theory; Gamma Mars: The Attack
28 8 Feb 1986.  Great Bugbear Hunt module (R5), Adventure in the Clouds; Specialist Mage; Fletcher's Corner
29 5 Apr 1986.  April Fools issue.  Camel's Nose; Lighter Side of Encounters II; Dungeon songs; Ecology of the Tiamat; Fractured Spells; Gods of the Gamma World Game; Savage Sword of Lugnut the Barbarian
30 4 Jun 1986.  Ravager; Nienna & Friends; In Search of a 12th-level Mage; In defense of the Lowly Fighter; Beware the New Golems; Little Miss Sure Shot; GAMMA WORLD Game: New & Old
31 4 Aug 1986.  Ravager (Part II); Plebe Zone; The Big Con (and Me); Aliens in the Cryptic Alliances; Unofficial New Druid Spells
32 4 Oct 1986.  Operation: Butter Up TOP SECRET adventure; Tournament Coordinations: Pain & Pleasure; The Kellar - optional race for STAR TREK
33 4 Jan 1987.  The Sword & the Anti-Hero; New Rogues Gallery; Lets Clean Up Our Act; Expanding the Power of the Cube
34 4 Mar 1987.  Revolution!; On The Road to the Living City; Fun in Games
35 4 May 1987.  And All The King's Men; New Rogues Gallery; RPGA Network Tournament Winners List
36 4 Jul 1987.  Pilgrim's Pool; On The Road to The Living City; A Case for Cultures
37 4 Sep 1987.  Film Noir: CHILL adventure; Clerical Errors; Multi-class Characters: The Next Generation; With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility; Living City: The Open Scalery; Clerical Errors
38 4 Nov 1987. Escape from Demoncomb Mountain : AD&D adventure; Welcome to Magic User University; Magic Theory by Degree; Role of Taxes; Living City: Avarice.  Mailing cover has a list of conventions
39 4 Jan 1988.  Bimonthly production begins.  Investigators: Marvel Superheroes adventure; The Bard; Living City: Tyms Supple Leather Shoppe.  Mailing cover has a list of conventions and a module map
40 4 Mar 1988.  Switched to sidebar-style cover. New Janeeva Herald-Prognosticator: Final Edition (Gamma World adventure); Living City's Black Lotus.  Mailing cover has a list of conventions and a module map
41 4 May 1988. Wedding Party: AD&D Oriental Adventures Scenario; Living City: Volodar's Stardust Inn; Expanded Thief Skills.  Mailing cover has a module map
42 4 Jul 1988. Charleston Academy: AD&D adventure; Living City: Crescent Moon; Sneak Preview 2nd Ed. AD&D Clerical Spells
43 4 Sep 1988. Dr. Brown's Miracle Juice; White Robes: Paranoia game; Radiating Magic; Living City's Angel; New Rogues Gallery; Great Familiars.  Mailing cover has artwork and cartoons
44 4 Nov 1988. War's Tide Rising; "Other" Game; Playing the Alien; Big Con (and Me); Game Fair Photo Page; Living City's Open Air Farmers Market; New Rogues Gallery: Gamma World
45 4 Jan 1989. Working for the Wizard; Living City; Balloon at Beffu; Brawling in Style; Slay it Again, Sam; New Rogues Gallery
46 4 Mar 1989.  Junk Bonds: Top Secret adventure; Living City: Skully's Bar and Bait, Embrol Sludge's Eatery and Shell Shoppe; Bureaucrat NPC Class.  Mailing cover has classifieds and a judge appeal form
47 4 May 1989.  Bell of Zetar: AD&D adventure; New Rogues Gallery; Building Characters; Mutant's Armory; Convention Bound; Radiating Magic; Living City: Burnhardt's Outfitting
48 4 Jul 1989.  Cataclysm; Living City: Glow Shop; Mutant's Armory Part II
49 4 Sep 1989.  Mailing cover has a con pre-reg form, Living City contest.
50 3 Nov 1989.  Full-color cover; Counterfeit Dreams: Ravens Bluff; Living City: The Brothers Gaewilder and Galgolar; Completing the Thief.  Mailing cover has a list of conventions, classifieds, and a con pre-reg form
51 3 Jan 1990.  Caves on Confection: D&D/AD&D adventure; Living Galaxy; Spy School; Living City: Downunda Patisserie.  Mailing cover has an RPGA ad and a tournament request form
52 3 Mar 1990.  No Dice adventure; Riding Rules; Into the 25th Century; Expanding into Europe; New Rogues Gallery.  Mailing cover has a  list of conventions, list of RPGA Network Events, and a judge appeal form
53 3 May 1990.  Torrand's Tribulations: AD&D adventure; Living City: Ice House; American Steel: GAMMA WORLD; Living Galaxy.  Last 1st Edition AD&D issue.
54 3 Jul 1990.  Odder than Odd adventure; New Rogues Gallery; Bring Your Game to Life; Art of Magic; Building a Haunted House; Genie in a Computer; Convention Scenes.  First 2nd Edition AD&D issue.
55 3 Sep 1990.  Easy Money: Circus Work; Living City: Shrine of Honest Toil; Everwinking Eye; Roll'Em: 24 sided dice
56 3 Nov 1990.  Winter Holiday: AD&D adventure; Living City: Black Dugal's Musical Instruments; New Rogues Gallery
57 3 Jan 1991.  Rakshasa; Living City: Jack Mooney & Sons Circus; More to the Maze: MERTWIG'S MAZE
58 3 Mar 1991.  Legacy; Living City; Into the Dark; Radiating Magic
59 3 May 1991.  Monthly production begins.  A Friend in Need; New Rogues Gallery: Star Wars; Preview of the Dark Sun World.  Mailing cover has Bookwyrms, module map, and Living City map.
60 3 Jun 1991.  New Incantations for 2ed AD&D Priest; New Rogues Gallery; Role Playing Rockets.  Mailing cover has awards ballots and an RPGA clothing ad
pro 10 Released as a promotional "introductory" issue, sometime around issue #50.  Ghost Righters - Game Scenario; Heroes and Villains - Character Development; New Rogues Gallery; Ravens Bluff - Travel by Sea
143 3 Last mailing cover; last 2nd Edition AD&D issue
149 3 Polyhedron merges with Dungeon (issue 90)

Thanks to:
Scott Cordiner for scans and info on issues 9 and 12, and info on issue 10.
Michael Deaton for scans and info on issues 52 and 54.
John Pratt for scans and info on issues 20, 21, 24, 25, and 27-36.
Shaon Reed for scans and info on issues 2, 3, 5-8, 11, 13-15, 23, 26, 37-48, 50, 51, 53, 55-60, and the promo issue.
Ralph Merritt for scans and info on issue 4
Adrian Newman for the scan of issue 49.
Daniel Thingvold for supplementary info on mailing covers, as well as info on issues 143, 149, and the promo issue.
Brett Easterbrook for info on the promotional issue.
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