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The various periodical publications of TSR.


Adventurer's Guild

Not truly a periodical, but rather a series of modules released to retailers between Jan 1998 and Apr 2000.  Over eighty modules were eventually printed.  Follow the link the to the left for a full page on what we know, or follow this link to go directly to the Adventurer's Guild Index.

Bohemian Ear Spoon

Successor to the Players Association Broadsheet.  Ran for eight bi-monthly issues, May 1986 to June 1987, starting with issue #27 and running through #34.  Supplanted, without mention or fanfare, in August 1987 by Fantasy Worlds.

Domesday Book

Actually a publication of TSR's progenitor, the Castle & Crusade Society.  Ran for thirteen issues (plus one unpublished issue) in extremely limited quantity.

Dragon Magazine

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TSR's primary publication.  First published June 1976, and continuing over thirty years through Sept 2007 (issue #359), when it was switched to an electronic-only format (PDF). Issues #1 through #10 were mailed without a mailing wrap (referred to as a mailing cover), with the mailing label affixed to the rear cover of the magazine itself.  Issues #1 through #10 that are found without the mailing label can be assumed to have been mailed via backorder from the Dungeon Hobby Shop; copies that were actually mailed (i.e., part of the original mailing) should be worth substantially more than backordered issues.  Dragon should not be confused with a sister publication, UK Dragon, which debuted in June 1988.  The circulation figures for Dragon can be found in our Print Run Estimates article.

Dungeon Magazine

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A spin-off of Dragon, focused on player-submitted modules and adventures.  First published Sept 1986, and continuing through Sept 2007 (issue #150), when it was switched to an electronic-only format (PDF).  The circulation figures for Dungeon in 1992 (the only year that we have statistics on) are 15,000 copies.

Fantastic Adventures

TSR newsletter / product teaser, first appearing in January 1994.  This was the sequel to Game World, and apparently only ran a single issue.  Available via subscription and/or free from retailers.

Fantasy Worlds

TSR UK newsletter / product teaser, and the successor to Bohemian Ear Spoon, first appearing in August 1987 and running bi-monthly through May 1988.  Ran for five confirmed issues.  Available via subscription and/or free from retailers.

Game World

TSR newsletter / product teaser, first appearing in Fall 1990.  Evolved into Fantastic Adventures in January 1994.  Available via subscription and/or free from retailers.

Hobby Newsletter

Referenced in the first issue of the Bohemian Ear Spoon.  Described as the first newsletter of TSR UK, running for seven issues.  No further information known.

Imagine Magazine

House magazine of TSR United Kingdom; published monthly from April 1983 to Sept 1985 (31 issues).  Originally envisioned as the UK version of Dragon, and in fact was initially to have been titled "Royal Dragon".  This index covers all published issues.  Values for Imagine magazine are highly subjective; issues are quite rare (and obscure) in the U.S.

Players Association

Continued where Players Association News left off (and ran concurrently with Imagine).  It was discontinued due to the apparent disbanding of the UK Players Association; Bohemian Ear Spoon took over as the industry-insider rag for TSR UK.

Players Association News

Newsletter of the D&D Players Association (UK), and predecessor to Imagine magazine.

Polyhedron Newsletter


Newsletter of the RPGA Network (Role-Playing Game Association).  Published Spring 1981 through 2002, when it was merged with Dungeon magazine until 2004. This index covers issues #1 to #60 (Jun 1991).

Random Events

An in-house newsletter of TSR, and spiritual successor to the Strategic Preview; it ran for 35 known issues from 1980 to 1984.  Devoted to intra-company memos, company events and personnel changes, inside jokes, etc.

Secrets of the Sages

Forgotten Realms newsletter only available via a subscription card found in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting boxed set.  A single issue was released, in the summer of 1998.

Strategic Preview

A rather strange newsletter first released in mid 1976 (date estimated from the content), and lasting but four issues.  As evidenced by the introductory paragraph in issue #3, it featured behind-the-scenes looks at news and new releases from TSR.  Strategic Preview issues are extremely rare.

Strategic Review

TSR's first publication, and predecessor to Dragon Magazine.  Published Spring 1975 to April 1976 (seven issues).  Note that all seven issues were available after the initial mailing (as was Dragon) via the Dungeon Hobby Shop mail-order.  Such issues can be distinguished by the lack of a mailing label on the rear cover, the lack of a mail fold horizontally across the middle of the issue, and a lack of staples / staple holes at the top and bottom.  Copies that were actually mailed (i.e., part of the original mailing) should be worth substantially more than backordered issues.

TSR Spotlight

TSR newsletter / product teaser, appearing in Spring 1990.  Only a single issue was released.  Available via subscription, but unknown how this subscription was obtained, or if this newsletter was also available free from retailers.

TSR Worlds

TSR newsletter / product teaser, first appearing in June 1987 and running three issues.  Available via subscription and/or free from retailers.

UK Dragon

Sister publication of Dragon magazine, published beginning in January 1988 (with issue #129) and continuing through issue #238 (subsequent issues were identical with their U.S. counterparts), along with a UK Dragon Annual #1.  The magazine is self-described as "not just a poor relation of the American sister publication", and featured several differences in cover art and in some articles.  Further info on these differences needed for the Index.