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E6 Lathan's Gold (title unknown)

"Few people in Germany have ever heard about this one.  Only a very few copies of this module were printed, and it was absolutely out of print by 1988.  It was advertised on some early modules as E6, but this code was later re-assigned to In den Sümpfen (X6 Quagmire!)". (Thanks to Matthias Bock for this info). It's worth noting, however, that no copies of this module have surfaced in the marketplace, and it could very well be a phantom.

XSOLO L'oro di Lathan

Thanks to Ciro Alessandro Sacco and Danilo Moretti for the scan.

XSOLO Lathan's Gold

Bears module code "XSOLO" in the upper left corner, but also has module code "XS1" in the upper right (probably what TSR should have coded this module in the first place).  There were at least two prints of XSOLO, as noted on the copyright page, but they are believed identical other than this printing line.  Thanks to Adrian Newman for this info, and to Richard van Tol for the scan.