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HCM1 Lunar Women (1991)

Written by Geva Peri.  Does not have the code HCM1 on it anywhere, though it can be assumed that this was intended, since HCM2 is also set in the same location.  For characters levels 12-16, and is listed as a Companion Series module.  28 pages.  Set in the original game world "Dream World" on the continent of Symslvch.  Revolves around an empress that was cursed to have only a daughter; an artifact was given to her to remove the curse, but it was lost.  The heroes go on an adventure to find it.  Contains several original illustrations along with rehashed illustrations from previous (US-released) TSR modules.  The inside cover contains a map of the continent of Symslvch -- hand-drawn and hand-labelled (in pencil).  (Thanks to Or Lev for this info and the scan).

HCM2 Living Statues War (1991)

Written by Geva Peri.  Set in the same general location, the continent of Symslvch.  Designed for levels 16-20.  32 pages.  Concerns an ancient evil, which awakens a thousand-year-old army to do battle in the present.  The map of Symslvch (from HCM1) has been updated here to an inked and typset version.  (Thanks to Or Lev for this info and the scan).