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G3 Hall of the Fire Giant King

Identical to the US monochrome version, with the following exceptions: the addition of the Games Workshop logo to the bottom of the front cover, no TSR address (rather a "Printed in the U.K. under licence from" notice), omits the "Printed in USA" from the bottom cover, and the maps on the inside cover are in black (not blue) ink.  The TSR Stock Number #9018 is also changed to "TSRG3".  (Thanks to Scott Cordiner for the scan).

G3 Hall of the Fire Giant King

Module lacks the "G3" code in the upper left corner, and the cover coloration is a uniform monochrome red.  Lizard logo.  The front cover description is in an easier-to-read font than the early U.S. printings, but not the Arial font that the U.S. Fourth printings show.  No internal differences.  (Thanks to Bruce Robertson for the scan).

Auction History:  VF: $264 (11/99)

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