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D3 Vault of the Drow

Identical to the US monochrome version, with the following exceptions: addition of the Games Workshop logo to the bottom of the front cover, the maps on the inside cover are in black (not blue) ink, and prices on the back cover are in English pounds. (Thanks to Bruce Robertson for the scan and the info).

Auction History:  VG: $23 (2/03)

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D3 Vault of the Drow

Module lacks the "D3" code in the upper left corner, and the cover coloration is a uniform monochrome purple.  Wizard logo.  The internal typeface is different (actually quite a bit easier to read than the US version), and the cover is a simple folded sheet rather than the 3-piece affair of the US version.  As a result, the map is printed on the back cover of the module, and there is no module list or rear-cover picture.  (Thanks to Bruce Robertson for this info and the scan).

Auction History:  VG: $28 (11/03), VF: $111 (11/02)

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