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BSOLO Leijonalinnan aave

Thanks to Urpo Lankinen for the scan.

BSOLO Lo Spettro Del Castello Del Leone

Identical to the US version. (Thanks to Ciro Alessandro Sacco and Danilo Moretti for the scan).

BSOLO Ghost of Lion Castle

Top left corner bears module code "BSOLO", but top right corner bears module code "BS2" ("BS1" was the Japanese-module code assigned to MSOLO1 Blizzard Pass). A Second print has been noted on the copyright page, but the cover (and probably, the interior as well) appear identical to the First print.  Thanks to Adrian Newman for this info, and to Richard van Tol for the scan.

Spøkelset på Løveslottet

Advertised in the Norwegian Basic Set as "coming soon", but never actually released.  Thanks to Adrian Newman for this info.