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B36 Hopeaprinsessan Palatsi Huntuseura

First Finnish print (1989).  Labeled "B36".  Originally bundled with the Finnish B3 Palace of the Silver Princess in one book, and included with the Finnish Basic Set64 total pages: Pages 1 to 24 are Palace of the Silver Princess, then 16 central (unnumbered) pages for the buildings of Specularum (identical to the US version cut-outs, BUT these pages include the character figures too), followed by pages 1 to 18 of Veiled Society, and finally six pages of hex sheets and RPGA publicity.  Some artwork is missing in order to, apparently, compress the page count.  A stand-alone printing was also later available.  (Thanks to Nicolas Delzenne for this info, and the scan).

B6 Huntuseura

Second Finnish print.  The stand-alone printing. (Thanks to Mika Sutinen for this info, and the title).

B6 La Secte Masquée

Thanks to Slaheddine Kefi for the scan.

B5 Der Bund der Schwarzen Kapuze

Note that the code for this module is "B5".  Thanks to Adrian Newman for the scan.

B6 Veiled Society

Thanks to Curt Gould for the scan.

B6 Veiled Society

Thanks to Paul Stormberg for the scan.