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B1 In Search of the Unknown

Identical to the First print US version, with the following exceptions: addition of the Games Workshop logo to the bottom of the front cover, copyright is correctly stated as 1978, the maps on the inside cover are in black (not blue) ink, prices on the back cover are in English pounds, and a separate (loose) page 31-32 is included. (Thanks to Scott Cordiner, John Huckerby, and Richard van Tol for help with this info, and to Paul MacLean for the scan).

B1 VorstoƟ ins Ungewisse

Most likely does not exist.  Rumor has it that it may have been released around 1985, then shortly thereafter recalled for unknown reasons.  (Thanks to Matthias Bock and Uwe Siebel for this info).

B1 Op Zoek Naar Het Onbekende

Color cover, albeit with different artwork (by Jeff Easley).  Interior artwork pieces are the same as the US version, but are shuffled randomly.  Otherwise identical.  (Thanks to Richard van Tol for the info, and to Richard van Tol and Selecta for the scan).