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B/X1 Night's Dark Terror

Identical in all respects to the US version except it has a "B/X1" sticker over the "B10" code on the front cover.  TSR UK, who developed the module, originally intended it to bear the B/X1 code (since the module is a bridge between the Basic and Expert sets), but were overruled by TSR USA.  This UK version is substantially rarer than the US version. (Thanks to Graeme Morris and Bill Wilkerson for this info, and to Bill Wilkerson for the scan).

BX1BillWilkerson.jpg (80862 bytes)

B10 L'Oscuro Terrore Della Notte

Identical to the US version, albeit missing the Union Jack flag next to the module code "B10". (Thanks to Ciro Alessandro Sacco and Danilo Moretti for the scan).

B10 Night's Dark Terror

Identical to the US version, but updated with new artwork, a new format, and lacking the module code.  (Thanks to Adrian Newman for this info, and the scan).