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A module for the D&D Basic Set, with a decidedly Indian flavor.

Rahasia (Daystar West) by Laura Hickman
RPGA1 Rahasia
by Tracy and Laura Hickman
B7 Rahasia
by Tracy and Laura Hickman

First printed as a module in the "Night Ventures" series by Daystar West Media (a privately-owned company of author Tracy Hickman), it was purchased by TSR and released as an exclusive RPGA module for RPGA Network members.  It was later re-issued in an expanded version for the D&D Basic Set (combining RPGA1 Rahasia and RPGA2 Black Opal Eye into B7 Rahasia).

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There were several small print runs of Rahasia (Daystar West), according to author Tracy Hickman.  RPGA1 Rahasia had a single printing, while B7 Rahasia has no discernable printings.

The cover of Rahasia (Daystar West) appears much like that of its cousin, Pharaoh (Daystar West).  Illustrations are by Tracy Hickman.  Being a small company, the print run was also small (and probably not distributed on a national scale); Hickman has stated that less than 200 copies were printed, perhaps as few as 100.  It numbers 33 pages.  Most of the pages are single-sided; pages 7 & 8, 9 & 10, 11 & 12, 15 & 16, and 32 & 33 are printed back-to-back.  (Thanks to Kynan Connor, Jeff Philbrick, Phil Polli, and Pete Standley for help with this info, and to Pete Standley for the scan).

Rahasia (Daystar West)

  • First (1979):  Copyright page has "Copyright May 1979 by Daystar West Media Productions", then an address ("P.O. Box 977, Orem, Utah 84057"), then "ALL RIGHTS RESERVED".  Originally came shrinkwrapped.  Thanks to Jeff Philbrick for this info, and for confirmation from author Tracy Hickman.

  • Second:  Identical to the First print, other than being slightly taller and now omitting the address portion of the copyright notice.  Note that author Laura Hickman disputes this sequence; she contends that the no-address version was the first print: "We got the P.O. Box at someone's suggestion and closed it when we moved and were no longer printing Rahasia".  Originally came shrinkwrapped.

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It is possible that fewer than 20 copies of Rahasia (Daystar West) remain in existence.  Only one copy of the First print has so far been spotted.

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