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Continuing the fine, and somewhat pointless, tradition begun with the Dungeon Geomorphs Sets, TSR rolled out the Outdoor Geomorphs.  These cutout shapes can be assembled into random outdoor areas, as an assist to the Dungeon Master.

Outdoor Geomorphs Set One: Walled City by Gary Gygax

Set Two (Castle/Fortress), Set Three (Ruins), and Set Four (Rooms, Chambers, and Passages), were planned but never released.

Interestingly, Outdoor Geomorphs (along with its cousins the Dungeon Geomorphs) featured sample dungeon sections.  As contributor Paul Stormberg notes, "These are classic Gygax ones: secret temples, lost demon gods, weird magic items, never again reproduced monsters, NPC's, etc.  There's a listing of city occupations, a hand drawing of the City of Greyhawk (methinks by Gary himself), and a sample section of the City of Greyhawk (the Silvery Mart, Old Gate, Anchor Tavern, Society of Sages, Old Town Barracks, etc), including adventure hooks to the Nyr Dyv.  In my opinion, one of the great unnoticed treasures of Greyhawk knowledge."

Printing Information  Logos

Outdoor Geomorphs

  • First (1977):  Lizard logo.  TSR Stock # on bottom left is "F1005".  Consists of 1 cover sheet with no graphics on back, 4-page wrap-around glossy dust cover, and 11 one-sided graphic sheets.  (Thanks to Michael Deaton for this info, and the scan).
  • Second:  Lizard logo. TSR Stock # on bottom left is "9008".  (Thanks to Gus Landt for the scan).
  • Third (1978?):  Wizard logo. (Thanks to Michael Deaton for the scan).

Auction Commentary

Probably because of poor sales, the Outdoor Geomorphs tend to be the rarest of the publicly-released Geomorphs family.

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