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AC7 Master Player Screen

Thanks to Orsquall Perel for confirming this item's existence.


Schermo delle tabelle di gioco

This accessory (the only AC accessory released in Italy) was only distributed in the Italian D&D Companion Set.  It does not include "The Spindle" mini-adventure (just the screen).  (Thanks to Simone Lando, Ciro Alessandro Sacco, and Danilo Moretti for this info, and to Michele Toscan for the scan).


AC7 Master Player Screen

First print.  Thanks to Paul Stormberg for the scan.


AC7 Master Player Screen

Second print.  Released contemporaneously with the anime-cover-styled D&D Rules Cyclopedia.  Thanks to Adrian Newman for this info, and the scan.


AC7/2 Dungeon Meester Scherm

Note that the Dutch code for this accessory is "AC2"; as a result, the code "AC7/2" was printed at the top.  Thanks to Richard van Tol for this info, and the scan.